Original Art
Jan Cosseboom

Every day in gratitude


There is just nothing like a day of painting and talking 
          to others about art. 

Painting brings me peace and grounding and seems to do the same for so many others.  I consider the world to be my community and believe that there is beauty in every corner.
I choose to look for that. 

Under the Bridge

A muddy gray day gave way to some sun at Point of Rocks.  This is a 12x16 palette knife oil done on linen panel.

Most of my paintings are done en plein air, or outdoors.  While the studio is nice and quiet, I love the vibration of life when outside.   I use the palette knife more often than the brush.  While these two elements can make the work challenging and sometimes a bit frustrating, I am most often in pure joy when painting.  It is my abiding wish that what I paint will bring a smile to your face as well!  Thank you for visiting.  All the best, Jan
Behind the Zane Grey Museum
8x10 oil on wood panel
Lights of Fall
9x12 oil on linen panel
Season Change
12x16 oil on wood panel
Rocks Across the Potomac
12x16 oil on wood panel
Field of Greens
12x16 oil on wood panel
Misty Adirondack Morning
9x12 oil on wood panel

Autumn Field at Duke Farms
12X16 oil on linen panel

Pink Reflection
11x14 on linen panel

Stream at Duke Farms
12x16 oil on linen panel

County Farm
16x20 on wood panel

Summer Field
11x14 oil on panel

Move on to the Horizon
5x7 on linen panel

Brookside Gardens
11x14 oil on wood panel
Maryland Farm Museum
6x8 oil on linen panel

Maine Islands
11x14 oil on linen panel

Under the Bridge
12x16 oil on linen panel

Moody Day on the Delaware
11x14 on wood panel

Easton Church
11x14 on wood panel


I don't shoot as much as before I started painting and today it is more a means to capture a moment for a painting I'm working on. Still, there is something that resonates from certain photographs.

Kenai Peninsula

The Bridge

Adirondack Marsh Beauty

New Mexico Lights

 View from the Top

Baltimore Looking West

Maine of My Dreams

Eagle Beach

Makes You See Monet

Lost in Green
Back Roads of Maine
Spring Garden
Classic Alaska
Schoodic Spray
Colors of New Mexico
New Mexico Greens
Cherry Tree in Bloom
Winter River Scene
Tidal Basin in Bloom
North Carolina Park Scene
View from the Top
Regal Beauty

Carolina Woods

Jan Cosseboom

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